Darryl Holter and Stephen Gee Interview on KPCC/LAist 89.3 FM

Published On: June 11th, 2023
History of automobile dealers

Listen as Darryl Holter and Stephen Gee guest on AirTalk with Larry Mantle / KPCC/LAist 89.3 FM.

Los Angeles has become an area that’s known for its traffic, within that being the massive car culture you can find all throughout the streets of each neighborhood. A new book by historian Darryl Holter and television producer Stephen Gee titled “Driving Force” chronicles how the turn of the 20th century became the start of something new when it came to Los Angeles, with entrepreneurs growing a booming industry. Although not every risk-taker succeeded in hitting big, all of them did play a part in why we see so many car dealerships and vehicles on our city streets.

In this episode of AirTalk, Larry Mantle talks to Darryl Holter and Stephen Gee, authors of the book “ Driving Force: Automobiles and the New American City, 1900-1930,” about detailing the Angeleno impact on the automobile industry at its infancy.